Enzymes – What is in it?

What are enzymes? They are said to be the “powerhouse” of every cell in the body. Intertwined with nearly every system in the body, digestive enzymes determine how effectively the body breaks down food. The body can’t function without them. … Continue reading

Ovary Body Fat

When ovaries become dysfunctional, they can produce an excess of estrogen, which causes more fat. This fat is deposited on “saddlebag” thighs, the lower stomach and the buttocks. The lower stomach fat usually shows up just below the bellybutton as … Continue reading

Nature’s Harvest What is in it?

Order Nature’s Harvest is a healthy and nutrient-rich drink mix containing vegetable proteins, gluten-free grains, green foods, fruits, vegetables, herbs and more. Each serving of Nature’s Harvest provides 75% of the Daily Value for 18 essential vitamins and minerals, as … Continue reading

Hummus Easy Recipe

Come in explore, shop, Free Health Assessment at our New site, our store always open. Carmen & Rudy Rodriguez – Sponsors # 571973 At end of Check Out process prices will reflect the Members price. Membership is FREE   [bigContact … Continue reading

Blood Pressurex

Shop  Blood Pressurex  Stock #554-8 (60 capsules) Approximately one in three adults in the U.S. has high blood pressure or hypertension. Unfortunately, hypertension is often referred to as a “silent killer” because most people don’t know they have it until significant … Continue reading


Your brain, which contains about 100 billion neurons, scientists say there are more neurons in the brain than stars in the sky. The brain has a high metabolism and is highly affected by what you eat. Research has shown that … Continue reading

Fructose damage the Liver

Fructose rapidly caused liver damage even without weight gain. A new study on fructose shows evidence that high fructose diets (especially getting fructose from non-fruit sources) could be quite damaging and may cause liver damage even without weight gain. Kavanagh … Continue reading


SmartMeal Vainella   #3085-8   SmartMeal Chia #3086-2  SmartMeal Chocolate #3084-4 SmartMeal Nutritional Shake Mixes – in three great flavors – give you a delicious, healthful drink that’s only 130–140 calories, much less than most breakfasts or lunches. And it’s chock … Continue reading