Nature’s Harvest What is in it?

Order Nature’s Harvest is a healthy and nutrient-rich drink mix containing vegetable proteins, gluten-free grains, green foods, fruits, vegetables, herbs and more. Each serving of Nature’s Harvest provides 75% of the Daily Value for 18 essential vitamins and minerals, as … Continue reading

Hummus Easy Recipe

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Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli This rich, earthy aroma with a subtle fruity accent is renowned for its calming skin benefits. The essential oil of patchouli is very popular in India, due to its strong and distinctive and “exotic – fragrant” reputation as an … Continue reading


Your brain, which contains about 100 billion neurons, scientists say there are more neurons in the brain than stars in the sky. The brain has a high metabolism and is highly affected by what you eat. Research has shown that … Continue reading

Chinese Herbs Concentrated

There is nothing magical about Chinese herbs. The Chinese use a holistic approach to medicine and it is not considered alternative medicine.   In China, natural health typically utilizes herbs before trying the Western approach.    In fact, the Chinese use many … Continue reading

Fructose damage the Liver

Fructose rapidly caused liver damage even without weight gain. A new study on fructose shows evidence that high fructose diets (especially getting fructose from non-fruit sources) could be quite damaging and may cause liver damage even without weight gain. Kavanagh … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Bitter Foods and Herbs

Oh those little & powerful herbs… A couple weeks ago in Vegas during Leader’s Conference, I sat in on a discussion with some of the best herbalists in the world. One topic that they brought up was the importance of … Continue reading


Super Trio    Order product here A concentration of Anti-aging Vitamins in chelated form that immediately is absorbed. Recent research has confirmed that following a healthy diet as early as midlife is associated with a reduced risk of developing dementia and … Continue reading