Low Body Temperature lies in the brain and it is known as the hypothalamus

Every process that goes on inside our bodies requires energy – specifically, metabolic energy. When the body does not have enough energy to function properly, each component of the body will malfunction in its own unique way. For example, if … Continue reading

Cancer Staging – Be Proactive

Correct staging is critical because treatment (particularly the need for pre-operative therapy and/or for adjuvant treatment, the extent of surgery) is generally based on this parameter. Thus, incorrect staging would lead to improper treatment. Cancer staging is the process of determining … Continue reading

Dementia a Natural Approach

Dementia   Dementia is described as a progressive illness that reduces cognitive function. The word dementia is a blanket term used to describe symptoms of the gradual decline of the patients memory, rationality, social skills, and any emotional reactions that … Continue reading

Astragalus Root “turn on” Telomerase (hTERT) lengthening Telomeres

The language of the cells – discover restoring DNA kept hidden until now. As baby boomers, aging seems inevitable, many have undermine the value of such a simple nutrient Astragalus Root to stop and restore youthfulness – some they underline … Continue reading