Lymphatic Drainage – exclusive formulation of Nature’s Sunshine

Lymphatic Drainage   Stock #3171-7 (2 fl. oz.) The lymphatic system is one of the body’s important channels of detoxification, managing a significant portion of internal waste and immune protection. The lymphatic system is responsible for keeping the body’s fluids … Continue reading

Candida Symptoms

  A list of symptoms and conditions that commonly occur in people with Candida overgrowth.  Most all of these same symptoms typically improve or disappear with effective treatment for Candida. Some of the symptoms listed may sound “normal,” because the … Continue reading

Immune System Pack – What is in it?

The immune system is comprised of a complex network of organs, tissues, cells and molecules that work together to protect the body from infection and disease and maintain the body’s homeostasis (balance). Numerous factors can negatively influence human immune system … Continue reading

VS-C Anti-Inflammatory Tradicional Chinese Medicine

VS-C is a herbal combination designed to strengthen the body’s immune system against bacterial and viral infections. VS-C contains herbs that have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to prevent and combat infectious diseases and relieve symptoms, including … Continue reading