How Sugar effect Fluid Retention?

“Does anyone else have this problem? Whenever I eat sugar I immediately begin to retain water. Meaning every drop I drink. I stop needing to use the bathroom”. – Sally M. Arizona Sugar itself doesn’t cause water retention, but an … Continue reading

Solving Canker Sores

Prevention: L-LYSINE and/or CALCIUM with PDA for absorption; and NIACIN. Treatment: Gargle daily with a few drops of TEA TREE OIL or apply ECHINACEA/GOLDEN SEAL EXTRACT or PEPPERMINT OIL to sores. Apply OREGANO Wild OIL diluted with Olive Oil for fast healing. … Continue reading

Fascinating Facts about Your Brain

Did you know your brain has 100,000 miles worth of blood vessels, enough to circle the Earth four times? Did you know there are 100 billion neurons? Did you know 20% of the oxygen you inhale is used by the … Continue reading