Enzymes – What is in it?

What are enzymes? They are said to be the “powerhouse” of every cell in the body. Intertwined with nearly every system in the body, digestive enzymes determine how effectively the body breaks down food. The body can’t function without them. … Continue reading

Toxicity Mercury in Dental Fillings

Mercury exposure has been linked to serious medical conditions ranging from mental confusion and fogginess to birth defects, neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases and many other illnesses. Cognitive functions in particular are negatively affected by mercury exposure. Mercury fillings – sometimes … Continue reading

Acid Reflux – Herbal Approach

Solving Acid REFLUX Caused by the stomach bulging up into the diaphragm sending stomach acid into the esophagus. GASTRO HEALTH  (key product) ANTI-GAS TCM PDA PROACTAZYME PLUS ALOE VERA JUICE STOMACH COMFORT INTESTINAL SOOTH AND BUILD SPLEEN ACTIVATOR SLIPPERY ELM … Continue reading