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Varicella-zoster is part of a group of viruses called herpes viruses, which includes the viruses that cause cold sores and genital herpes. Many of these viruses can lie hidden in your nervous system after an initial infection and remain inactive for years before causing another infection. shingles-herbal-solution-natural-health-store-us-natures-sunshine-products

The signs & symptoms of shingles can include:

  • Pain, burning, extreme sensitivity in a certain part of the body.
  • Red rash that begins a few days after the pain.
  • Fluid-filled blisters that break open and crust over.
  • Itching.
  • Numbness.
  • Fatigue.
  • Depression.
  • Tingling.
  • Shooting pains.
  • Swollen and painful lymph nodes.
  • Fever & chills.
  • Headache.
  • Upset stomach or abdominal pain.
  • Malaise (feeling bad overall) and other flu-like symptoms, including muscle aches.
  • Visual disturbances, drooping eyelid, loss of eye motion (if in a nerve that affects one of your eyes or the muscles surrounding it).
  • Taste abnormalities (if in a nerve that affects your tongue).
  • Hearing loss (if in a nerve that affects one of your ears).

An attack of shingles is often preceded by 3 days of chills, fever, and achy feelings. There may also be pain in the affected area. Pain is usually the first symptom of shingles. For some, it can be intense, with just the slightest touch causing severe pain. Sometimes the pain can be mistaken for other problems or diseases, such as kidney stones, gallstones or appendicitis, depending on its location. Some people experience the pain without the rash, which makes diagnosing shingles more difficult. Although the shingles rash may resemble chickenpox, the virus typically causes more pain and less itching the second time around.

Shingles strikes some 1 million Americans each year. It can appear at any age, but is most common in people over the age of 50, when immune function naturally begins to decline as a result of aging. Most cases of shingles run their course within a few weeks. More severe cases may last longer and require aggressive treatment.

Immune System Pack is our best defense.

In people who have had chickenpox, the virus is never fully cleared from the body; instead, it remains dormant in the nerve tissues. When physical or emotional stresses to the body weaken the immune system, the virus re-activates and spreads along the nerve fibers that comes out of the spinal cord (called a dermatomal pattern) to the particular area of skin supplied by the involved nerve (called a dermatome).

A person with a shingles rash can pass the virus to someone, usually a child, who has never had chickenpox, but the child will develop chickenpox, not shingles. A person with chickenpox cannot communicate shingles to someone else. Shingles comes from the virus hiding inside the person’s body, not from an outside source. shingles-herbal-approach-natural-health-store-us-natures-sunshine-products


For the virus: VS-C or Olive Leaf Extract + L-Lysine

For the nerves: Nerve Control + CA ATC Conc. or Nutri-Calm & Distress Remedy, Lecithin.

Una de Gato combination works for both the nerves and the virus.

Pain Control: Triple Relief and/or NONI internally.  Golden Salve cream mixed with Paw Paw Cell-Reg.

Externally, SILVER SHIELD applied topically will take our pain and itchiness.

For the inflammation: IF-C triple relief, and/or Licorice ATC.

Please Note: Using Tylenol type products for the pain will inhibit the healing and lengthen the time of pain.

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