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Sunshine Rewards

The new Sunshine Rewards program is saving time and money for thousands of NSP members every month! We are excited to see the growth of this program that can bring stability and long-term success to our customers. The Sunshine Rewards program is a simple message that every NSP member should share with customers—Free Shipping, Free Product, Every Month!

Already thousands of members utilize this program to save money by getting FREE shipping each month! But that’s not all. Based on current figures, over 80 percent of the members who enroll in Sunshine Rewards today will still be ordering three months from now. More consistent ordering from members within your group brings stability to your monthly QV and rank.

Members participating in Sunshine Rewards experience better results with their supplement programs. Because products are shipped directly to them each month, they don’t have to worry about ordering, and they never run out of products. Participating members can stretch their resources by getting more products each month when they redeem Sunshine Points for additional products for the same monthly payment. As group members participate in Sunshine Rewards, sponsors enjoy residual income and group growth.

Nature’s Sunshine wants to provide programs and incentives that bring true benefits to our Managers and members. The Sunshine Rewards program provides a system for our Managers to better serve their customers. It gives customers ongoing savings; the longer they participate the greater the rewards. Share Sunshine Rewards today!

At checkout you will be offer to have a Free Membership, with order $40 or more. Discount of 30 to 40% discount will be applied. The Classic membership will give you rebates, another way to save. Carmen and Rudy Rodriguez your sponsors with number 571973 e-mails us any questions at

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