Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil

Jasmine Absolute

Stock #3890-1 (2 ml) Organic Jasmine blossom oil.

Jasmine Absolute is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world. A pound of jasmine oil can cost as much as $3,000 to $4,000, largely because of the complex, painstaking and time-consuming process by which the oil is produced.

It takes approximately 8 million Jasmine Absolute blossoms to produce each kilogram (2.20 pounds) of oil, and these white star-shaped blooms must be gathered in the early hours before sunrise when Jasmine Absolute-PureOil_Essential-Oil_NaturalhealthStoreUS_NSPjasmine’s extraordinarily fragrant essence is at its peak.

Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil’s mildly euphoric scent has an intensely rich, warm, sweet-floral aroma with a pronounced sensual, musky note.

This exquisite fragrance is often described as warmly reassuring and profoundly inspirational, having the ability to bolster one’s confidence and optimism.

Many of Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil beneficial effects on psychosomatic ills (physical complaints having a more immediate psychological origin) stems from its antidepressant and euphoric characteristics.

Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil is regarded as a powerful antidepressant that enhances feelings of elation and euphoria, and helps relieve apathy, indifference and depression. In fact, Japanese studies have shown that jasmine even increases alertness by stimulating beta brain-wave activity.

However, Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil also demonstrates sedative properties, which make it useful for relaxing anxiety and calming fear. Thus, Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil is employed as a psychotherapeutic remedy for a wide range of emotional and stress-related problems, including anger, anxiety, apathy, depression, grief, heartbreak, hypochondria, lack of confidence, lethargy, listlessness, nervous exhaustion, nervous tension, PMS, and panic, as well as simple fear or complex paranoia.

In addition, Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil is a reputed aphrodisiac for hypoactive libido (underactive sex drive) and problems of impotence or frigidity. In fact, the combination of jasmine’s sensually romantic and sedative qualities make it an ideal remedy where there is anxiety surrounding sexuality.

Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil aphrodisiac effect can also be enhanced by combining it with Rose, Ylang Ylang or Clary Sage essential oils.

Like rose oil, Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil has an affinity for the female reproductive system. Jasmine is a stabilizing uterine tonic and nervine for painful menstruation, and especially for the uterine pains accompanying childbirth—jasmine oil provides natural analgesic (pain-relieving), antispasmodic (muscle-relaxing), and anti-inflammatory properties.

Plus, Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil has been shown to help reduce stress for the mother during labor. Following childbirth, Jasmine Absolute is used to relieve postnatal depression (blend with Bergamot or Clary Sage for added benefit), exhaustion and hormonal changes.

During menopause, Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil is recommended to inspire a woman’s confidence in her femininity and sensuality and to promote feelings of optimism, warmth and well-being.


Used topically, Jasmine Absolute Essential  Oil is a superior facial skin oil for both its anti-inflammatory and cell-rejuvenating properties. Jasmine Absolute is especially suited for dry, irritated or sensitive skin. Jasmine is can also be used to soothe muscle tension and relieve muscular aches, pains, spasms and sprains. (I enjoy the benefits adding 1 drop of Jasmine Absolute and 1 drop of Rose Bulgaria to my face creams per jar).

Furthermore, Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil demonstrates antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral activity. Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil also acts as an expectorant. Although jasmine is recognized as a good remedy for bronchial and respiratory ailments (catarrh, chest infections, cough, hoarseness, laryngitis, sore throat, etc.), its high cost may make its use somewhat prohibitive, especially since there are other less expensive oils that are just as, if not, more effective for such purposes.

Jasmine Absolute oil’s many benefits are typically derived through inhalation or topical application via massage or relaxational baths, since the oil is generally too thick for use in a diffuser.

Plus, Jasmine Absolute blends well with other essential oils and is often included in various oil blends.

Jasmine Absolute oil is non-irritant, non-toxic, and generally non-sensitizing; however, an allergic reaction has been known to occur in some sensitive individuals. Thus, individuals prone to allergies or having highly sensitive skin may need to avoid use.

In addition, Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil should not be used during early pregnancy. General recommendations suggest using jasmine oil in moderation, both in terms of frequency and quantity.

Essential-oil_Mixing-diluiting_CHART _NaturalHealthStoreUS_NaturesSunshine_f

So since 1 ml is 20 drops, for every 1 ml of carrier oil, you would add 1 drop of EO. Be sure to do a patch test to make sure your skin does not have an adverse reaction to the oils. The inner forearm is a great place to do a test since the skin is delicate, similar to facial skin.

1% Dilution: — This dilution is used for children under 12, and seniors over 65, pregnant women and people with long-term illnesses or immune systems disorders.  A 1% dilution is also a good place to start with individuals who are generally sensitive to fragrances, chemicals or other environmental pollutants.

2% Dilution — This dilution is used on adults in good health for blends that support skin care, for natural perfumes, bath oils, and blends you use every day or long-term.

3% Dilution — This dilution is used when creating a blend for an acute injury, pain relief or getting through a cold or flu.  Blends made at this dilution are used only for a week or two.

Neat:  Using essential oils  “neat” (meaning undiluted – essential oil without any carrier) is inadvisable except in very specific situations.  There are two reasons for this:  1) you can develop a sensitivity to the oils; and 2) many essential oils are too irritating to use without dilution.   Oils can be used neat as follows:  Small specific areas, acute situations (cut or wound, bee sting, bug bite and burn) and for short-term use.  These must be highest quality, non-oxidized oils.


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