Gums Disease

Gum disease indicates advance osteoporosis and poor circulatory system health.


If bleeding to kill bacteria SILVER SHIELD w/AQUA SOL, one tea spoon every two hours (until bleeding stops), hold in the mouth and with the tongue rub gums. After bleeding stopped 1 tea spoon  every four hours.gums 2

SUNSHINE BRITE TOOTHPASTE has Golden Seal and is a naturally made, rinse toothbrush and place TEA TREE OIL then add the toothpaste and brush gently.

Excessive brushing and high amounts of lemon will damage the enamel and gums began receding.

For Loose  or Receding Gums: Pack gums with WHITE OAK BARK at nigh (wet cotton, open a capsule of White Oak Bark and place over wet cotton) for three months.

Co-Q 10 (2-8 a day) starting adding 1 the following week until reach 8 a day, then decrease slowly also, this will aid circulation for the new tissue.


Massage gently the gums with your tongue and be gently cleaning.

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