Symptoms commonly associated with food intolerance/sensitivities

 Digestive:  Gas  –  Bloating    – Abdominal cramping    –   Loose stools –  Indigestion or heartburn woman having stomachacheConstipationGERD (reflux)   –   Blood in the stool  –  Lactose intolerance  – Inflammatory bowel disease   –  Irritable bowel Syndrome

Skin:    Eczema  –  Psoriasis  – Acne  – Hives

Mental/Emotional:   Irritability  –  Anxiety  –  Depression  – Food cravings – Insomnia

General:   Joint pain or stiffness  –  Arthritis (rheumatoid)  – Fatigue  – Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning  – Headaches  – Migraines  –  Malaise  –  Weight gain  – Water retention  – Puffy eyes  –  Dark under-eye circles  –  High blood pressure  –  Cellulite  –Difficulty losing weight

Nasal/Immune system: Sinus congestion  –  Ear congestion  –  Post-nasal drip  –  Seasonal allergies  –  Hay fever  – Asthma  – Chronic ear infections  – Itching in the ears  –  Itchy mouth  –  Runny nose  –  Watery eyes  –  Sneezing

Identifying your trigger foods
Start with CleanStart #3992-6 a 14-day elimination and detoxing your main organs.

Slowly re-introducing each food after a 14-day break can allow you to connect particular symptoms with your food choices.

All that experimenting with different foods may sound like a major inconvenience, but the results can be invaluable. I recall one client who had suffered with headaches for 20 years – they were gone after just two weeks of avoiding wheat. Another woman had bleeding from the bowel for two years – it was gone after one week on a dairy-free diet. A 21-year-old man lost 22 pounds and successfully reduced heartburn by avoiding wheat for just one month. A flight attendant who complained of water retention and swelling so bad she was unable to wear her shoes at the end of the day shed 10 pounds, and her water-retention problem, after only three weeks of eliminating corn and wheat.

Uncovering food sensitivities are a powerful process that I encourage all of my clients to explore. But what you do with the information you gain is up to you. Once you’ve determined the effects of particular foods on your health, you have to decide whether or not you want to continue eating them.
If you don’t want to do a 14-day elimination diet you can consider Other herbal Cleansing


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