A severe, chronic form of diabetes caused by insufficient production of insulin and resulting in DIABETES WEB STabnormal metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.  The disease, which typically appears in childhood or adolescence, is characterized by increased sugar levels in the blood and urine, excessive thirst, frequent urination, Acidosis, and wasting.  Also called Juvenile Diabetes requires medical attention and responds little to nutritional support.

A mild form of diabetes that typically appears first in adulthood and is exacerbated by obesity and an inactive lifestyle.  This disease often has no symptoms, is usually diagnosed by tests that indicate glucose intolerance, and is treated with changes in diet and an exercise regimen.  Also called Adult Diabetes usually responds well to nutritional support especially with weight management.


  • BLOOD SUGAR FORMULA #1298-8 – Ayurvedic formula to normalize blood sugar
  • PBS  1054-7- Support the pancreas and balance blood sugar level
  • EVERYBODY’S FIBER #1336-6, LOCLO #1348-4, or NATURE’S THREE # 1345-0 – Must have soluble fiber – Morning and evening
  • SUPER ALGAE #1056-5 – Contains Spirulina
  • Golden Salve #1698-0 – Externally for sores
  • Golden Seal  #340-7 – Internally helps to lower high blood sugar levels like insulin.
  • Licorice (ATC) #424-5 – To support the Adrenal glands

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Vitamins & Minerals:

  • GRAPINE, HIGH POTENCY # 1699-3 – To help prevent vascular complications and protect target p 14the eyes.  1 mg. per lb of body weight for 2 weeks, then maintenance dosage.
  • MEGA-CHEL #4201-8 or Super Supplemental – Vitamins and minerals
  • Target P-14 # 2810-1 PRO-PANCREAS # 1027-9- Feeds the Pancreas and stabilizes blood sugar
  • Master Gland 304-3 – To balance the glands
  • Chromium – 1801-6Stabilizes blood sugar, often missing mineral
  • CO-Q10  4109-8- For efficient cell function
  • Zinc 1657-9 – Promotes the formulation of insulin pro pancreas 1


  • EW #861-3-Internally an externally as eyewash 2x day
  • Bilberry #74-8- Strengthens blood vessels and capillaries in the eyes



  • CLEAN START #3992-6 – Whole body cleanse

Vitamins and Minerals:

  • Vitamin C & CITRUS BIOFLAVONOIDS #1646-4 aids for veins to keep flexible  natures harvest label 1
  •  NATURE’S HARVEST  # 3090-6  Nutrition at it’s best.

Diet:  Eliminate all refined carbohydrates and simple sugars.  Eat non-starchy vegetables like squash, string beans, lettuce.


  • Take walks and any form of exercise.

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