Coffee Enema Recipe

1.  Add 2 cups of clean filtered water

2.  Next, add 1 Tablespoon of coffee

3.  Place on stove and bring to a soft boil.  Boil for 10 minutes

4.  Add water to the pot until it feels lukewarm or body temperature. Time to set up your music in  the bathroom, have toilet paper ready and place your “Coffee Break” sign to make it a pleasant experience. Have your coconut oil or lubricant ready, you can place lubricant on the nozzle or in your rectum

5.  Pour coffee slowly into your bag, led large particles settle at the bottom of pot

6.  Lubricate the end of the enema nozzle with olive oil and insert into your rectum.   Do this carefully. You do not want to tear any tissues.

7.  Release some liquid to remove air – place bag on towel rack or shower above your head

8.   Sit at the edge of the toilet (beginners) insert nozzle in rectum slowly. Breathing in and out will get more liquid in. Hold it as much as you can – close clamp pull it out and let stools drop in toilet.

When you feel full, shut the clamp. You should not feel uncomfortable.  If you do, then you took in too much solution. Flush toilet and Insert it again the coffee. Continue until all liquid is used.

9. Coffee enemas are usually  administered  lying down on the bed or floor. IF you are new these method can be messy

10. Beginners is recommended two or three times per week.

*Note:   If you find you are having trouble holding the coffee in during the enema for 15 minutes, then the coffee solution could be too strong for you.  You can dilute the coffee enema by adding water to it, and this will lessen the potency, and you will be able to retain it longer.

Charlotte Gerson on Coffee Enemas [Gerson Institute Archive] Video

Coffee Enema Miracle–A Way to Detoxify our body  Video. Steve Jobs first cancer cell appeared at 24 years old.

What will come out?

Will empty stools

Little dots like sand – are fat

Floaters are transparent tissue that is discharge by the liver

Mucoid Plaque

 Some good Sings

Your iris will change color to a clear brown, or blue according to your original iris color.

Your hair will be flexible and shinny

See the videos above to have a deeper understanding of benefits. If you are not sure what has come out, take a picture and send it

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