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Juicer #3
3.- Breville Juice Fountain $149.95 No sales Tax Free Shipping, plus a BOOK & VIDEO FREE of: JUICER I LIKEFat, Sick & Nearly dead.


 Juicer #2
The Angel Juicer $1,150.00 (at I make a Dr. Oz “Fresh” Juice daily, using celery, apple, spinach, cucumber, lemon, lime, ginger and parsley. Using 1kg (35 ounce) of ingredients the Angel Juicer returns 894gms (31 ounce) of juice, making it almost 90% efficient at extracting liquid from the mentioned ingredients.The Angel excels at leafy greens, but is also very impressive with fruits. Pomegranate juice is highly recommended, to make you strong like bull!Orange, pineapple or grapes are almost as yum, and as there is very little pulp ejected, juices taste more flavoursome and have a consistency better than any I have tried from another juicer, carton or juice bar. see how it Works:

Juicer #1
Norwalk juicer is approximately $2,400. Recommended by Dr. Gerson believed the method of juice extraction decidedly affects the concentration of the juice’s nutrients. This has been demonstrated through the analysis of juices produced by testing four types of juice extractors. The clinical results experienced by patients using each type of juice provides further support for Gerson’s recommendations: to use a two‐step machine with a grinder and hydraulic press.A Note about Juicers
Finally, any juicer is better than no juicer at all. For many patients however, the choice of an appropriate juicer can be a life‐or‐death matter. We have observed a number of cases in which patients rigorously followed the Gerson Therapy, but with a centrifugal juicer they did not see either reduction in tumor masses or healing reactions even after many weeks. When these patients switched to grinder/press juicers, healing reactions occurred rapidly, and several patients saw dramatic improvement in their condition. While these observations were not part of a controlled study, they clearly point to the quality of juicer as a major factor in a patient’s progress.See how it works:


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