Christmas is Here

Putting in action your plan to have a warm Christmas room. First – put away your everyday decorative items. If you combine them the result is overbearing. Second – storage your everyday décor in the Christmas boxes. You will find … Continue reading

Age Reversal & Live Longer and Well

Revolution comes in many forms…making medical History. Since strokes are in the rise, there are new procedures that can help more efficiently – therefore find out your nearest Comprehensive Stroke Center using EDOVASCUALR THROMBECTOMEY technology to treat acute stroke even … Continue reading


10 minutes per day of sun-UVB is NOT enough SKIN COLOR AND TIME IN THE SUN SENIOR UNDER THE SUN Add 5 minutes if in Northern Europe/US 2X times in shoulder seasons = March-May, September 2X times in non-noon = 10-11 AM … Continue reading

What You need to Know about Coffee Enemas

          CONTENTS..   Introduction What Is A Coffee Enema? Why Coffee Enemas? History Of Coffee Enemas Dr. Gerson, Dr. Kelley, Dr. Gonzales, And Others   Coffee, A Remarkable Herb What Is Coffee? Growing And Processing Of Coffee … Continue reading

I Am Facing this Health Challenge.

What is new and natural that can help me? At this level, your physical body, your emotions, and your true self-are in a jeopardy. I will give you honest answers, in simple words you can understand. I will ask you … Continue reading

Where to Start?

We have many choices and sometimes is overwhelming all the good intentions our friends have; without the professional expertise. Not everyone health issues are the same. Example: I am told I have this deficiency, anything in the Natural I can … Continue reading

I have a “Simple Question”

Getting a Professional Opinion…Priceless (Example, What is good for…this condition or health challenge? I need to know more about this ingredient?) Or You will receive an e-mail with the answer, helpful links that will assist you to make the right … Continue reading