A person who retains too much salt can develop angina.Severe paroxysmal pain in the chest associated with an insufficient supply of blood to the heart.  Symptoms may include shooting pains in the left arm. 
Some people can handle more salt than others. Some may carefully avoid salt and still have a high count because the liver is not functioning properly. As a result, too many salts are being stored in the muscles and fatty tissues of the body. Salt substitutes are no better than table salt because all salts cause the blood vessels to dilate. If the body retains too much salt over a long period of time, the veins and arteries lose their flexibility, leading to hardening of the arteries.Normally, the heart starts the blood pumping. Then, the blood is actually squeezed and pushed along by the rhythmic expansion and contraction of the muscles in the walls of the arteries and veins. But, when the vessels lose their elasticity, the body starts manufacturing and lining the arteries with cholesterol. This action is an attempt to narrow the opening so that the blood will squirt through faster and move through the capillaries and veins back to the heart.It is the high salts, not the cholesterol, that is the cause of angina, However, the buildup of cholesterol is dangerous because, if a piece tears loose, it can plug the heart and cause spasms as the heart tries to pump the piece through. Sometimes a vein or an artery actually burst. If the salt shows 30 on the test, a person may be in danger of a heart condition. Signs that the salt is too high in the body are bursting blood vessels and varicose veins.

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Herbal Solutions:

Hawthorn Extract – For immediate relief or hawthorn berries or HS II – To strengthen and balance the heart and circulatory system.  While considered safe in small amounts, you may want to consult your physician about adding hawthorn to your program.

Blessed Thistle improve digestion and support liver function. It contains sesquiterpene lactones (support digestion) and lignans.


Vitamins & Minerals:

  •  Grapine – 1 mg. per lb. of body weight for 2 weeks, then maintenance dosage.
  • CO-Q10 – For prevention
  • Guggul Lipid
  • Magnesium – To relax spasm
  • Vitamin E w/Selenium
  • L-Carnitine – If heartbeat is irregular
  • Lecithin – to lower cholesterol level
  • Potassium combo

 Other:   Cleanse the gallbladder with Gall Bladder Detox.  The sluggish or impacted gallbladder can cause false angina plus a poor breakdown of fats and therefore, high cholesterol levels.

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