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Revolution comes in many forms…making medical History.

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The path  to restorative health is in the making developing therapies to provide an additional 20-30 years of healthy longevity to older individuals.

When the blood of a young person = young plasma circulates in older individuals is expected to have a systemic biologically rejuvenation effect.

The simplest human trial involves an FDA-approved drug called dasatinib that demonstrated profound age reversal effects in a mouse study published in 2015.

Just one dasatinib tablet taken for three consecutive weeks might induce systemic rejuvenating effects in people.


Thymic Regeneration

Immune senescence can be initiated by the atrophy of the thymus gland that begins near the time of puberty.

Thymic atrophy can be reversed in animals and in young HIV patients.

Now, a human age-reversal trial with collaborators at Stanford University is underway using FDA-approved agents in a creative combination that has been shown to not only regenerate the thymus, but to improve blood markers indicative of healthier immune status. Safe rejuvenation of other organs may be possible as well.

Bone marrow immune cells are converted to T cells by the thymus gland. T cells are essential for proper immune system functions.

During normal aging. In particular, a sharp decline in naïve T cells and overexpansion of defective CD8 cells reduces our ability to ward off new infections and malignancies.

The accumulation of memory cells results in many of them growing senescent, which contributes to the low-level chronic inflammation that impacts elderly people.

Immune senescence and ensuing inflammation can affect all of the body’s tissues, impacting not only immune functions, but also cognitive and cardiovascular health. Reversing immune senescence is critical to healthy longevity.

IS REVERSIBLE. The thymus gland peaks around puberty and then rapidly involutes (shrivels). By age 40 there is little functional thymic tissue remaining.

This downward trend in thymic structure and function worsens as we grow older. Immune senescence is strongly correlated with risk of near-term death.

Therefore many believe that immune dysregulation plays a key role in degenerative aging, and one that is reversible.


In addition to improving immune-defense status, thymic regeneration should enable cures for persons with autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus, colitis, and rheumatoid disorders.

This is possible because a healthy thymus gland does more than train T cells to fight foreign invaders—it also teaches them not to attack the self.

By regenerating the old thymus, the immune system can be re-educated to stop attacking self-antigens that have been mistaken for foreign invaders, thus reversing autoimmunity.

The thymus can also help program the immune system to recognize donated organs as self, so that they are no longer rejected.

In this way, organ transplant patients may reduce or eliminate their need for immune suppressing drugs because a regenerated thymus can be made to instruct the immune system not to attack their transplants.

These techniques, which have been well-established in animals, are not used in humans today yet largely because most humans lack significant thymus glands.


Not only aids in the removal of cellular waste.

Many we are doing it indirectly, when we boost an enzyme called AMPK with Metformin, Green Tea, Curcumin, Resveratol, Gynostemma, Penta phylum there are some we can supress the mTOR.

Change your mind and think exponentially…

In order to understand how humans may soon live fuller, healthier lifespans (to the tune of 500 years and beyond), first you must change your perspective from a linear perspective to one that’s exponential.

Rapamycin directly anactivates mTOR.

A direct impact on cancer, obesity, atherosclerosis, dementia, diabetes and accelerated aging.

I am for prevention, therefore I see the benefits of reducing cancer risk, activates autophagy, favorably alters genes, burns cell fat stores and slows cell proliferation.

When we were conceived we needed a lot of mTOR to grow and develop.

Essential from conception to early adulthood. Now we consume excessive calories speeding the mTOR with devastating results.

The right protocol is very important to understand. Recomends Rapamycin 2-5 mg/ONCE weekly up to one year. Do not exceed dosage.


Thank you, William Faloon

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As humans, we evolved in a very local and very linear fashion for a very long time. Everything that happened was localized, direct and things changed slowly.

Today, though, life is much different. We live in a world that’s global and moving at an exponential pace. Something which happens in South Korea, for example, could easily spread to the entire world (financial contagion or an incredible, life-changing innovation, as two examples) and affect you in Manhattan.

As I said, though, exponential thinking isn’t easy. It takes a stretch of the imagination.

To show you just how dramatic exponential thinking can be, consider what author Peter Diamandis said in Big Think:

So the first step of living a long, healthy lifespan is thinking in terms of exponentials. That’s the only way you’ll see how humans can reverse aging in this century.

Start Eating & Exercising For Longevity TODAY…

As mentioned, the goal, if you’re so inclined, is to live long enough to live forever. And to do that, you have to keep your body finely tuned and in good shape.

David Kekich, a renowned expert on longevity and health science, breaks down longevity into seven simple steps:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Supplementation
  4. Anti-Aging Medicine
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Stress Management
  7. Attitude

Ahead of exercise, the most powerful weapon in your arsenal against aging is your diet. Every morsel of food you consume is either giving you life and energy or taking it away. Moreover, it’s not just about quality of food, it’s also about quantity, too.

Overeating overloads your bloodstream with fats and sugars — even long after your meal. This, in turn, causes severe oxidative and inflammatory damage in your body, two leading contributors to aging.

A diet that’s low in calories and high in essential nutrients and minerals, for this reason, is ideal for a healthy, active body.

“When it comes to overeating and unhealthy diets,” Kekich writes in his book Life Extension Express, “be aware of your choice between short-term gratification and long-term satisfaction, health and longevity. This means you should apply the same sensibilities to your health that you should apply to your job, business or finances.”


Diet alone, we’re beginning to discover, is simply not enough for optimal health. Especially not the kind of health that’s going to help you live long enough to live forever.

If you only take six supplements to stay healthy, according to Kekich, they should be these:

  1. Bioavailable glutathione
  2. High quality fish oil
  3. D3
  4. High potency multi vitamin/mineral
  5. Telomerase activators
  6. PQQ

Maximum Life Foundation’s advisors,” Kekich writes, “estimate the top three cost about $55 per month and could potentially slash healthcare costs in half. That means a savings in the U.S. of up to $1.2 trillion a year; year after year, after year. The cost to supplement the 250 million adults would be about $165 billion annually. That comes out to a net annual 103 savings of over $1 trillion—plus the benefits of increased productivity and less suffering. Good return on investment, don’t you think?”

One problem many people who want to live long, healthy lifestyles run into is that their family doctor is often operating from the wrong paradigm. He or she believes in reactive medicine rather than putting his or her energy in preventative therapies.

Most doctors are trained to wait until something’s seriously wrong before they take action  this is exactly the wrong approach. Not only is it small-minded, but it’s dangerous to your health.

If you want to live long enough, it might be a good idea to find a physician who is of like mind.

“I recommend having an anti-aging specialist as your primary physician,” says Kekich. “If he or she is not an internist, find a good internist too, in case something goes wrong and you ever need treatment. Modern medicine usually equates to treatment over prevention. If you work with a good anti-aging physician, though, you’ll need only a fraction of the modern medicine our society has come to rely on.

“A good anti-aging doctor will start with an extensive blood panel to evaluate your present condition and to establish a baseline for you. He or she will recommend colonoscopies every 5–10 years after the age of fifty or sooner (this alone could reduce your colon cancer death chance by 90%), will schedule other important tests and will monitor your health and progress. If you’re over fifty and never had a colonoscopy, you’re playing with your life.”


Carmen Rodriguez

Anti-Aging Consultant – Researcher


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