Adrenal Body Fat

Adrenal Type Characteristics

Dominant gland: the adrenal glands.

Basic body shape: strong-looking, bigger above the waist than below, large breasts, slim hipsADRENAL BODY FAT

Weight gain spots: mostly above the waist: upper back, breasts, stomach, with hips and legs remaining shapely.

Food cravings: salty foods, fats, alcohol.

Energy pattern: steady energy all day, falling off in the evening.

Personality: friendly, practical and outgoing. Slow to get angry, but with a temper when provoked.

Needs: The A-type program helps A-types lose stomach fat while becoming livelier and more flexible

Why We Have Food Cravings

Craving foods are simply foods which stimulate one of the glands. We tend to crave foods which stimulate our dominant gland, because that give us a feeling we are used to and like. A Thyroid Type person will crave foods which stimulate the thyroid, because the “rush” of thyroid hormones makes her feel “up” in a way she likes.  An Adrenal Type person will enjoy the feeling of adrenal hormones, so she will crave adrenal-stimulating foods. Pituitary Types like the feeling of pituitary hormones, so they crave pituitary stimulants. Gonadal Type women like the feeling of ovarian hormones, so she too craves foods which stimulate her dominant gland.

How Cravings Hurts

What is wrong with using certain foods to stimulate your dominant gland? It turns out it is very closely linked to weight gain. At first, it seems to be no problem. You eat sweets, fats or daily to get energy, and your body responds. But as you go on with your life, you start to overdo it. Your dominant gland becomes stressed and tired. You lose energy, and so you need to eat more of those foods just to keep going. Eventually your dominant gland is exhausted. You feel tired, have terrible cravings which you fight only with tremendous will power, and (in most cases) are over your ideal weight for health and energy.

Following a low calorie diet with exercise makes the Adrenal Type worse because you are adding MORE stress into an already stressed-out body. Adrenal types often develop an addiction to stimulants, like energy drinks and caffeine. These are triggers for more fat storage.

Some people experience:

  • Difficulty Getting Out of Bed in the Morning
  • Feel Out of Breath When walking Up Stairs
  • Chronic Fatigue Not Relieved by Sleep
  • Body Weight Accumulation Around Midsection
  • Tired All the Time
  • “Buffalo Hump” on Upper Back (Below Base of Neck)
  • Need for Coffee or Stimulants to Wake Up
  • Fluid Retention, Yet Dehydrated (Thirsty)
  • Craving Salty Foods
  • Dizzy When Getting Up Too Quickly
  • Lack of Energy
  • Inflammation or Arthritis in Different Parts of the Body
  • Intestinal Irritation (Colitis)
  • Allergies or Asthma
  • Requiring Increased Effort to Perform Daily Tasks
  • Digestive Problems
  • Decreased Sex Drive
  • Decreased Ability to Handle Stress
  • Increased Time Required to Recover from Illness, Injury or Mild Depression
  • Less Enjoyment or Happiness with Life
  • Increased PMS
  • Symptoms Increased if Meals Are Skipped or are Inadequate
  • Mental Thought Process More Fuzzy; Thoughts Less Focused
  • Memory Less Accurate
  • Decreased Tolerance
  • Can’t Really Wake Up until 10:00 or 11:00 am
  • Tired Between 3:00 and 4:00 pm
  • Feel Better after Evening Meal
  • Decreased Productivity



One of the main problems of the Adrenal body type is dealing with cravings and restless sleep. The Adrenal type is in an over stressed state and starved for natural energy. Their metabolism has been damaged over time and their overall hormone functions are not in balance. The key to increasing the body’s natural energy supply is ensuring this body type is getting the essential nutrition it needs so it doesn’t feel “starved”. Since “fat” is seen in the body as “potential energy”, the less energy the body can extract from healthy hormone functions, the more it craves “other” energy sources (because it is in survival mode).

The Adrenal type many not have a tendency to over-eat as often as other types but it has a very difficult time losing weight due to the gross imbalance of glands that can also affect the ovaries, liver, and thyroid. Insufficient sleep combined with “constant thinking” or “stress” leaves the Adrenal type in worsened condition. Not only do their energy levels plunge, but their body begins to accumulate even more toxic fat cells, stored as spongy tissue under the skin. Removing toxins and repairing the adrenal gland health is essential to get this body type to state where they can get results, and keep them.

Results after detoxing and nourishing the Adrenals Glands:

  • Better Mental Clarity
  • Less Stress Feelings
  • Lack of Chocolate or Salt Cravings
  • Reduced Aches and Swelling
  • Ability to go to Sleep When Tired
  • More Energy
  • Reduced Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  • Less Cellulite and More Muscle Definition
  • Vast Skin Improvement and Dry Eyes Go Away
  • Noticed Improvement of Overall Well-Being

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Glands balance weight








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