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Remember a fresh fruit is a Fast Food


We all have many Questions and seek Answers

1.- I have a “Simple Question”

2.- Where to Start?

3.- I am Facing this Health Challenge. What is new and natural that can help me?

4.- Face and Hand Assessment

You Should Not Depend on Supplements to Be Well

So many choices and not all are good for you.
I have the knowledge, the skills and the understanding of the mechanics of the physical body – the mind and the pneuma.



Rudy and Carmen Rodriguez РWe like to be a part of the solution, we have had four herbal stores. Due to the

Due to the demand  we have decided to come back and use interactive Media.


We welcome your questions. At your service – continuing strong for the last 30 years involved in the Alternative Medicine, Iridology, Researcher, Herbalist discover ways to recuperate and maintain your health Naturally!


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