Personal Consultation

I am pleased to announce that I have developed an On Line Consultation

Natural Health Professional, Iridologist, and Herbalist in the Alternative Medicine over twenty five years; I am able to assist you bringing to light weaknesses and alternatives to improve your health

Consultation Includes

  • Facial Lines Evaluation all wrinkles, acne, moles, redness, irritations and dry areas indicate organ weakness
  • Face Structure – evaluation
  • Fingernails Evaluation It constantly changes based on the health of our internal organs
  • Health Assessment Questionnaire
  • List of Nutrients you may need

Informative and extremely educational

Send Clothed & clear Color Photos

  • 1 Frontal Full Body Shot
  • 1 Profile Full Body Shot
  • 1 Head Shot (no smiling)
  • 1 Right Profile Head Shot
  • 1 Left Profile Head Shot
  • 1 of each hand

Allow 1 week to receive by e-mail your personal evaluation with detailed information after we receive your pictures

Get my professional evaluation for $60



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