NSP Popular Products

We offer You more than 600 Products Pharmaceutical Graded Nutritious Products.


5-HTP Power 5-Hydroxytryptophan precursor to Serotonin

Alpha Lipoic Acid 

AnxiousLESS with Zembrin

Astragalus Root “turn on”  Telomerase (hTERT)  lengthening Telomeres


Blood Pressurex   can help strengthen the heart, keep blood vessels dilated for optimal blood flow

Candida Clear a program to clean your body from that Candida

Capsicum   the peppers needed to grow properly and produce the correct amount of capsaicin

CleanStart    Best seller Detox

Children Sunshine Heroes  Protecting the next generation

Chinese Herbs Concentrated     The best of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Concentrated

Chlorophyll – 10 Amazing Benefits of Chlorophyll Fin the power of green

Cramp Relief – Menstrual Cycles

Curcumin BP Tumeric  Remember benefits begins at the cellular level, pharmaceutical graded

D3 vitamin    Auto immune diseases prevention

Essential Oils NSP Authentic with the highest vibration to nourish your glands


EQUOLIBRIUM will revolutionize Prostate Health Products

Extracts Liquid Herbals NSP

FAT Grabbers works!

Female Comfort

Flash Ease   Hot flushes?

Flax Seed Oil

Flower Essence Sunshine   Allow emotions to heal thru Flowers

Food Enzymes   Mal-absorption the root of many diseases

Gastro Health – Helicobacter pylori – Bacteria

Ginkgo Biloba Extract – Time Release

Grapine High Potency

Green Tea Extract

Hair Skin & Nails

Immune System Pack    Do you get sick frequently? This is for You

Ionic Minerals  Specially if you do not ear RAW veggies

l-Carnitine Power Fat Loss plus other Benefits

l-Glutamine Amino Acid

Lymphatic Drainage – exclusive formulation of Nature’s Sunshine

Mega-Chel  Here is how oral chelation works.

Menstrual Reg  Solving Menstrual cycle discomfort

Mind-Max   Because: Research shows that memory function typically declines with age

Natures Sunshine in Pictures  Excellent key products for you and the family

Natural Changes Many began using it around 30 years old to avoid the challenges of Menopause

Nature’s Harvest     The best harvest of the earth in powder form highest in protein

Nervous System Pack   A 30 day rescue to bring you to a healthy balance

Nutri-Burn   Mega nutrients in powder ready to charge you for the day.

Olive Leaf Extract a powerful natural antibiotic and more

Perfect Eyes   Specific nutrients your eyes need

Pro Pancreas    Diabetes and many other issues


Respiratory System – Breathe Free

Silver Shield fast action for virus, fungus and bacteria attack

SmartMeal   Delicious Meal Replacement in Chai, Chocolate & Vanilla

SOLSTICS Energy Drinks

Spirulina Green power

Super Algae A super food in capsules

Super Omega-3 EPA

Super ORAC  Better than gold, see why

Super Trio   60 individual packs daily nutrients you can not be without

Systems Packs of Nature’s Sunshine   A 30 day ready to go

Tei Fu -Peppermint Oil – Silver Shield for Traveling of NSP vacation daily protection

Thai-Go   Antioxidants at it’s best liquid.

TOFU Moo is a healthful addition to the daily nutrition

Trace Mineral Maintenance

Vitamin C   Did you know that Vitamin C can treat over 30 different diseases?

VS-C  A Chinese formula to help you recuperate faster

Which Cleanse is Right for You?

X-Action Reloaded Men’s    Naturally




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